I Choose Bliss Podcast #2

I Choose Bliss Podcast #2
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Chemo Angels

Lance @The Jungle of Life

Jan Lundy @Awake is Good


  1. Downloading it now, Tabby! I loved the first one, your voice is so smooth and well-modulated, like a newscaster or a preacher!

  2. Absolutely fabulous! I need to remember to do mantras. I've been in a funk lately. I think they will help. And I'm going to try to incorporate the 30 min detox time at night because I've been sleeping horribly lately. Thanks for the tips.

    Hey, do you think it would be possible to add the links you podcast about into your podcast post? The chemo angels sounds perfect for me. But by the time I get to the end of the podcast I've forgotten all the links you've mentioned!

  3. Hi Tabitha,
    I loved listening to this - your voice is so sweet and calming. And thank you, so much - for including me in this. Know that I am deeply honored by the kind and wonderful words you've shared. And hearing some of these quotes again, gives them new life for me, today! It was also great to hear you highlight Jan, someone I've just recently began to follow!

  4. Hi Tabitha! I've gone to Itunes to get the episode and it gives me an error message! :( I sent them a message but wanted you to know as well.. I was so looking forward to hearing the episode on my way to work this morning! I will try again later..

  5. Hi Tabitha,
    This week's podcast was wonderful! You have such a peaceful voice and you highlighted some special points from both Lance and Jan's sites. I appreciate you sharing your personal mantras, too. You are so right, saying these affirmations to ourselves will change our lives! Thank you.

  6. Tabitha -- another WONDERFUL episode! I am looking forward to checking out Lance's website, and ChemoAngels sounds wonderful. I was frantically jotting notes, about where to go, so I agree with the suggestion about including the links in the post.

    I really like the idea of a daily mantras and will start to incorporate this into my lifestyle. And although I never formally considered it a daily detox, I have most definitely gotten myself into the habit of a 20-30 minute winding down every night. I've been "destressing" in this way for the past 6-9 months now, and I can tell you that I have had very few restless nights since then. It definitely works.

    Thanks again for being such a blessing in my life.


  7. Penni: I am so grateful for your words and support. I can not fully thank you enough, but please know with my entire heart I say thank you.

    Yaya: Thank you!! I totally forgot about the links, but they are now added and I'll do that from now on. :)

    Lance: You truly are an inspiration to me, so it was indeed my honor to have your blog within the show. I thank you so very much for the kind words you've wriiten! They uplift me dearly and I will never forget them.

    TreeC: That was a glitch on my end, but everything is back in order over at iTunes. Thank you for your support!

    Joydiscovered: I am humbled and so very grateful for your support!

    Lauren: Thank you sooo much!! As I told Yaya I simply forgot in regards to the links, but they are indeed up now. :)

  8. Wondeful hon - a great way to start my Monday morning!! Your lovely voice and uplifiting words!! Yup we are on the same page today - loove that!!! I giggled when I hear your subject today!!
    I do a Reiki treatment on myself most evenings..very relaxing and has turned into a kind of meditataion for me!!!
    You never fail to amaze me hon!! Wonderful to have you on Facebook too!! Namaste, Sarah

  9. Hey Sweet Lady,

    Received my surprise package today, and love everything! Thank you for being such a peaceful calming source of inspiration during this difficult time in my "work life" - definitely not be confused with my wonderful blessed "personal life."

    Thank you again for the gifts especially the sweet tiny notepad - I love it!

  10. Tabitha - you have an amazing "radio voice"
    I am listening to you as I do my blog hopping. I'm trying to let all my friends know about a giveaway I'm sponsoring to help my husband out.
    But I am listening - you are right. We need to think about what we say and think - and keep ourselves positive.
    "redecorate our worlds" is a lovely way to put this.
    and you ARE God's masterpiece.
    Thank you!

  11. I like the idea of freeing the mind before bed as I often have trouble getting to sleep.

  12. Tabitha,
    Well, dear heart, you made me weep with this podcast. I love your voice and the gentleness with which you convey your message. Really, you need to have your own radio show! I was humbled and honored by your reading of my essay. It made me feel quite emotional--and grateful. Thank you for sharing it and my work (and blog) with others.

    I've taken your lead and have signed up to be a Chemo Angel! Yeah! I'm excited! You know how much I love to write letters and send people little gifts, so this seems like a perfect fit for me. It also affirms my commitment to support people one-on-one as they journey through the ups and downs of life. Plus I have drawers full of inspirational cards and gifty things to send a new friend! So thank you for this dear one. You are so very special to me and many others. I cannot imagine a world without Tabitha. :-)
    Love, Love...

  13. Jan, I am most honored by your reaction!! Your words were easy to read as they were written with sincere love. I am grateful for the opportunity. Yay for becoming a Chemo Angel!!!! You Totally Rock!!

    You've made my heart soar with this comment, so thank you so very much!!


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