21 Days of Simplicity - Day 19

Today I Am Grateful:
1. For a beautifully cooked meal last night
2. For every blessing that finds me
3. That I can see, hear, speak and feel
4. To be created in the image of The Father
5. For Hugs and Kisses (I truly do love getting them)
6. For the sense of humor Princess Charlie and my niece T have (Hilarious kids!)
7. For the beautiful nieces and nephews my sisters have given me
8. That they all see me as the COOL aunt :)
9. For the silence (To read my bible)
10. The MANY lessons I'm learning

This may sound crazy, but this year has been awesome! I know that may sound weird coming from me. Considering we've had SEVERAL deaths within our family since July 08. But, what I'm saying is with my Grandmother's death an awakening occurred within me. I would always say to her I needed just 1% of her strength and I'd be able to get through anything. With all of my heart I believe my Grandma gave me more than 1%. Her passing has taught me so much and with each passing since her I see life for what it truly is. Life is a gift. And like most gifts it's often taken for granted. I use to live this way, but within this past year alone I've learned the true meaning of the word appreciate.

I Appreciate:
*Each moment
*Every breath
*Every life
*The Sun
*The Moon
*The Stars

I didn't plan it this way, but on Sunday my 21 Days of Simplicity journey will come to a close. It will also be the one year mark of my Grandma's passing. In life she's given me so very much of herself, but it is in her death that she has given me the greatest gift of all - Peace and Strength. Doing this simplicity journey has revealed tons to me and I'm deeply grateful! This post is so not about death, but it IS about the beauty in my life and the person who literally changed my life for the better.

I LOVE You Grams!!


  1. How beautiful....

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. another touching post of gratitude and thanks, tabitha. a wonderful start to my day and i will appreciate those around me all the more.

    love, light and peace,

  3. Now I'd love to have a cool Aunt.

    I think it's very possible I'm seen as the crazy aunty (crazy in a good way).

    I think it fate your 2 days of simplicity is closing on your grandmother anniversary. Maybe it's her doing and acknowledging strength you show.

    My dad was the man that gave me strength and though sometimes I don't feel strong be her is no longer with us I know without his gift I wouldn't have cope as well.

  4. That was beautiful Tabitha. I lost my grandmother 4 1/2 years ago. I miss her every day. I am glad to say that when she passed she passed with love. I was one of her grandchildren who was there holding hands praying and telling her how much we loved her as she passed into Heaven. She taught me so much and I only hope that I will be half a grandmother to my grandchildren that she was to me. I thoroughly enjoy your posts.

  5. Tabby, you remind me of a math lesson.
    Your grandmother had a whole lot of strength. You felt if you could have only 1 percent of that strength, you could do many feats. With her passing, that one percent came to you. But one little percent! Not enough? Some would have hoarded it. But you took that 1 percent and you divided it. You divided it up and shared your gifts and mission with many, thus multiplying happiness and increasing faith all around you. The more you gave, the more you created!

  6. So glad that you have found clarity and had individual growth in this past year!

  7. You are radiant my friend,

    And I just love coming here,

    Keep shining like the north star,

    Love, Maithri


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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