21 Days of Simplicity - Day 16

Photo by Tabitha@ichoosebliss.net

Today I Am Grateful For:
1. A beautiful night's rest
2. The comforts of home
3. That my home is a smoke free zone
4. For the fun I had with the kids last night
5. That my sinuses and bronchitis are getting better now that I'm Home

Day 16: A Celebration!

*NOTE* I am NOT sad over Corey's death. I am celebrating his life the way he would want me to. Please don't feel you have to leave words of sympathy. Please leave words of joy.

The three items in the photo above are just three of the Mardi Gras gifts I'll be giving away from my trip home to New Orleans next week! I came home a day early for two reasons. The first was my bronchitis acting up and being around those who smoke did me any good. The second reason was because hubby and I found out that our best friend, the guy who introduced us to one another passed away. At that point I needed to leave New Orleans, because all the news from there revolves around death and I just couldn't take it. I know that death is every where and it can and will hit any family, but within the past 4 years we've lost so much and so many due to one hurricane. Yes, a lot of the people we've lost passed due to the polution and aftermath of hurricane Katrina. But, she will not get the best of me! She will not steal my joy!

Today in all of my simplistic beauty I am celebrating the life of a young and beautiful soul named Corey P. Corey introduced me to my hubby. For years he had been saying I have the right person for you, but I wasn't ready. He never gave up, because he knew hubby and I were meant to be. Because of Corey I was married to my God Given Soul Mate. He was always there for us and we for him. I've already shedded my tears out of pain. Today I shed them out of joy. The joy and gratitude that 17 years ago God sent me an earth Angel in the form of a big brother/best friend. He will be missed, but NEVER forgotten! So, I lift my glass of Sunny D in honor and in memory of the sweetest guy on earth. Our newest Angel Corey P.

May Your Wings Comfort Me in My Times of Sorrow.


  1. Aw hon.. it has been a rough year for you! Huge hugs and love, Sarah

  2. We are sorry for your loss.

  3. I love your list!!

    And I'll be praying that you will continue to feel Gods comfort, my friend!

  4. It's always so sad to lose such special people who mean so much to us. I know how you feel. I lost 2 special friends last year. I miss them every day! However, when I think of them in heaven, waiting for me, I bright up considerably and smile! They won their race! I love the gentle kindness of your blog:)

  5. Sarah: It has indeed been a bumpy year, but I know greater things are ahead. Hugs 2 You!

    Lily: Thank you sweet pea!

    Alicia: Your prayers are lovingly appreciated♥

    BlueCottonMemory: I feel so at ease, because I know he is happy and will never be sick again. I'm sorry for your loss, but am grateful you found peace in it. Yes, it will always hurt.

  6. "i choose bliss", "heart prints" o its too wonderful!!!
    have a simply beautiful day!!!
    most magnificent wishes, chenoa

  7. Here Here!

    Here's to your friend Corey...the friendship you shared, the love you felt and the lifetime of memories you will cherish.

    Hugs and Love...

  8. I'm glad that you are celebrating the life of your friend and remembering what a great person he was and what a good friend. I can't be around ciggarette smoke either. It makes me so sick.

  9. to corey-thank you for your time on this earth.

    to tabitha-lifting you and he and your family up in spirit.

  10. Cheers to Corey...I bet he is smiling down on you and dancing with MJ :)

  11. I hope you continue to celebrate this dear life, he was here on Earth but for awhile, but we knew he is watching over you and is waiting for you in Heaven.
    May the joy he brought you, your soul mate, always comfort you.

  12. Corey was and is an angel. When you bring two people together who find love and birth a love-filled princess, you have to be an angel.

    As are you. :)

  13. Special individuals such as Corey, who connect us to kindred spirits and/or soul mates stay with us always. What a blessing that you encountered him in your lives the way you did.

  14. Way to choose joy in life and bliss over sadness and grief. You are fabulous.

  15. What a sweet tribute to your friend. Hugs to you!

  16. i always love your lists. you and corey's family are in my prayers :)

  17. Tabitha, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Hold on to the memories...


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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