I Choose Bliss Podcast #1

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My Affirmations For 7/20/09

1. I am able to achieve any goal I set
2. Success surrounds me like a warm blanket
3. I am filled with positivity
4. I am a masterpiece of God
5. I am designed to uplift others
6. I am beautiful, confident & healthy
7. I am worthy of great things
8. I am beautiful both inside and outside
9. The Universe hears my call & God always answers
10. I am fearless

Due to a miss-communication with iTunes they listed the show as I Choose Bliss, which is fine by me. It is with great honor that I introduce you to the very first podcast show for I Choose Bliss! I hope you will listen and enjoy with great peace. I have tons of content ahead, which I pray will be helpful to many. I look forward to your feed back and ideas for future shows! This show is only 9 minutes long, so without further ado!

I Choose Bliss Podcast Show #1


  1. Oh, Tabitha, I can't find the words to express what I'm feeling . . . I just listened to your podcast. . . your voice was liquid love. Your words went straight from your heart to mine.
    Thank you, dear you. . . thank you.

  2. Tabitha...how awesome!

    I'll have to listen to that in the morning!!!

    Great list, friend!

  3. Hi Tabitha,
    wonderful affirmations.
    I like the second one best, but for me, I would replace success with "inner guidance".
    Thanks for inspiring me!
    Have a great day!
    Best, LaWendula

  4. Congratulations on your first podcast. It was wonderful to wake up to it, especially today, my birthday !

  5. Tabitha, I just heard the Podcast and I'm very excited for you and it was FANTASTIC!!! I'm at work on the computer all day and I love hearing these type of messages. Congrats on doing this and a million others. I don't know how you do it, but I'm happy for you and can't wait for the following more.

    Sharing the love,

  6. Maureen: I can not express just how joyful your words have made me feel! Thank you for listening and supporting me! It means everything to me!

    Alicia: I hope you enjoy it sweet friend!

    Lawendula: Thank you so much for listening and for the advice!!

    DrahDrah: Happy Birthday Dear One! I'm so honored that you listened to it!

    ShareWorldLove: I wish you could see the smile upon my face this morning! I'm humbled, joyful and thrilled! Thank You! Thank you so much!

  7. Oh Tabitha...I am in tears..girl WOW!!
    Where to start...I knew you were something amazing..your spirit shines through your blog..but hearing your voice and your words added an amazing element to the Tabitha I know and love! Your voice is beyond amazing. All the stress I have had for days just melted away!!! What you had to say reached in and touched my soul hon!! Thank you for this..I will be listening!! Hugs and love, Sarah

  8. Sarah, now I am in tears!! I feel so honored and grateful beyond words! You have encouraged and uplifted me today as you do always.

    From my heart I Thank You♥

  9. Good luck Tabitha!!
    You are such an inspiration!

  10. Hi Tabitha,
    I love your spiritual to-do list and the affirmations you shared today. You remind me every morning to focus on the most important and loosen my grip on the day to day grind. Your podcast was great! I am looking forward to hearing more of them!

  11. Tabitha!
    Congratualtions on your first podcast, and let me say I loved it.

    You have a very soothing musical voice. Just beautiful to listen to you. I love that you have other people share like Lila, and that you keep it short, so I can actually sit down and listen to it.

    Thanks so much. A brave new venture for you, and more joy in the world for the rest of us.

  12. Wow! Tabitha!! You have such a soothing voice and your message was superb!

    Your affirmations are great and inspiring...

  13. Boho Mom: Thank you sweetie!

    Joydiscovered: I'm so honored you took the time to listen in!

    Kavindra: Yay! I'm so excited and grateful!

    An Imperfect Perfection: Thank you sooo much!! I'm so thrilled!

  14. TABBY! Girl, you are a walking, talking (lovely voice, angelic even) miracle!

    Congrats on your first show. It was love.ly! :)

  15. I'm downloading the first podcast now and can't wait to listen! How exciting!

  16. Genie: I fell into joyful tears after reading your comment. You will never know how much that means to me!

    Penni: With all of my heart I thank you! Your support uplifts me to the Heavens!

  17. Listening now....girl this is fantastic...what a ministry you've got started! Your voice is just calming...

    girl, we need to share it...ALL WE have to give!

    you are going to bless so many..myself included...THANK you for using those unique gifts that God has blessed you with...:)


  18. Congrats Tabitha...you are on a path to great things... :)

  19. Tabitha, you talk so beautifully. I love this new project of yours and inspiring and soul soothing at he same time.

  20. Lori: I can not thank you enough kind soul! I am so honored that you listened to my show! Your words uplift my heart in the sweetest way. :) Thank You!!

    Caroline: I am grateful for your words.

    Liss: I am honored that you enjoyed the show! Your compliments are received with open arms and a huge smile. :)

  21. I especially love "I am a masterpiece of God." Yeah!!

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

  22. Wow Tabitha! That was a GREAT podcast! Your voice is so soothing and kind.


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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