There Are No Do Overs

We are all given one life.
One chance to make the very best out of what we're given
It should be lived in peace
Void of fear and stress
Laughter should consume the walls of your home
Gratitude should be expressed at every given moment
Allow no complaint to fall from your lips
We should embrace the beauty before us
Notice every vibrant color
Dance within the rain
Embrace other's differences
Love deeply
Forgive immediately
Say I Love you to everyone in your life
ALWAYS show appreciation
Allow your inner child to come out and play
Sing loudly
Be the difference for those who are in need
Stand tall and proud in the end
Knowing in your soul you've lived as you should
Because there are no do-overs
So, let's live this one life to the best of our abilities


  1. There are no do overs! Great concept that I really don't consider. You are right...we have this one life here...make the very best of it!

  2. Tabby, I always come away here being uplifted. Thank you.

  3. true so you strife to do the best you can

  4. yes yes yes!!!
    and so we strive

  5. Tabby, this is absolutely beautiful! I wish everyone could see the world as you do, what a lovely universe it would be, to appreciate all the beauty and miracles around us every day. That is the paradise I dream of!

  6. sigh....
    much of life could use a do~over...
    but...I move onward! :)


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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