My Metamorphosis

I Am

No Longer Fearful
Missing Home (New Orleans)
Excited About Visiting In A Few Weeks
Feeling Extremely Blessed
Completely Believing In ME
Adoring My Princess
Gearing Up For Our Big Christmas Give To The Local Children's Hospitals
Loving My Hubby Deeply
Grateful For My Bloggy Friends
Miss My Grandma Terribly
Enjoying Christmas Movies Daily
Embracing The Growth
Nurturing My Soul
Basking In Peace
Re-Awakening My Poetic Voice
Lost In A Sea Of Soul Soothing Music
Brave Once Again
Hugging My Inner Child
Totally Ignoring Negativity
Smiling At Strangers More Often
Feeling Beautiful (Soul Deep)
Looking Forward To New Paths
Ready To Do Whatever God Has Planned For Me
Laughing Until I Become Tired
Loving With My Entire Heart
Accepting My Imperfections
Knowing They Were Meant To Be
Believing I'm A Queen
Seeing Life As It Should Be

What Metamorphosis Have You Gone Through?

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  1. My biggest change has been learning how to not get upset when things "fall apart". Thank you Lord for Peace!!

  2. I am more willing to say no instead of putting too much on my plate.

    But, the biggest metamorphosis has been learning to love myself by God's eyes and not by man's eyes.

  3. Mine is to embrace all parts of me with love and compassion.

  4. Beautiful words sis!

  5. you make me gloriously happy to be your friend!


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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