Loves Comes Softly (Poem)

Loves Comes Softly
By: Tabitha D.

A cool gentle breeze runs across my face
Butterflies invade my belly at the mere thought of you
Everlasting smiles
School girl giggles when compliments are given
Scribbling little love letters daily just to say I LOVE YOU
Smiling back when receiving them in return
Safety comes about when lying in your arms at night
Spiritually connected to you mind, body and soul
Having complete faith that WE Are Meant To Be
A celestial true love that will live on eternally
A cool gentle breeze runs across my face
As angels sing of a union so Heavenly
Again I smile at the mere thought of WE
Knowing this is right and believing that
TRUE LOVE...Comes Softly


  1. ssssshhhh...can you hear the heartbeat of your soul~mate ???
    ssshhhhh...with silence, sing your greetings!

    Tabby, oh so fab girl! OH SO FAB !

  2. That's so sweet. And, I love the adorable photo

  3. and on a gentle wind

  4. How beautiful your poem. You are truly a gifted writer and I enjoyed it so very much.


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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