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Each of us woman or man deserves to be pampered in every sense of the word. Although, everyone's definition of pampering may be different it all stems from the same base idea. If you are a stay-at-home mom sometimes you may feel a bit run down by the middle of the week. If you work and your job creates stress you may find yourself tensing up a great deal. Whatever the case may be I'm here to tell you that YOU deserve to be pampered. Sit in a quiet space or just before you slumber off tell the universe what type of pampering you'd like to come to you.

Pampering Ideas:

*Take a long hot bubble bath - light a candle or two add a little zen music and escape for an hour.
*Take a well needed nap
*Get a friend or hubby and indulge in a nice lunch date
*Create a music play list (Feel Good Music) on your computer and dance, dance, dance!
*Read a great book in complete silence - make sure you are relaxed and comfortable
*For those who can - SHOP :) Treat yourself to a nice gift!
*Give yourself a well needed facial with mani and pedi
*Take up a relaxing hobby (yoga, art, golfing or knitting)
*Write out your frustrations - burn them
*Write out your hopes and dreams - save them.

The possibilities are endless! The idea is to KNOW that you deserve this type of treatment from yourself and allow it to be. No guilt should ever come into play.

Be Spontaneous!

You give to your family, your job, your friends and some of us give to total strangers without ever second guessing our decision. So, take a step back and GIVE to yourself.

How Will You Pamper Yourself This Week?


  1. "Write out your hopes and dreams"..I've done that one alot over the years! It gets me excited!

  2. I am going to get a pedicure this week---I can't wait! We do need to pamper ourselves more! You have some great ideas here :)

  3. oh gosh...can I ??? may I ???
    will you write me a note?
    xo LOL

  4. It's funny but since I retired I don't want to sleep in as much because I can sleep anytime. I enjoy getting up real early while the world is quiet. (no noises from cars, buses, and people) I fix myself a cup of mocha and read blogs, or a good book or just think. It's my time! Great post.

  5. oh yeah! I sense a pampering coming on! :)

  6. R.L. - I write down my hopes and dreams a lot. It seems to help me stay focused and visualize on them.

    Caroline - You so deserve to get a pedicure! Enjoy yourself my friend!

    The Muse - Your note is as good as written and notarized! LOL Hugs!

    Judy - I forgot to include that one! I do that during the weekdays and it's the best!

    Genie - you deserve it my sister, so get to it! :)

    You all make me smile daily! Thank You!

  7. I love this thoughtful, caring post. I think we all need to be reminded to pamper ourselves. Especially now. I am about to pamper myself by sitting and gazing at my gorgeous Christmas tree.

  8. Wow, a notarized note??? oh you are soooo good! LOL xo


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