Love Called

Love Called by: Tabitha D

When love called
it never sounded so sweet
It had me mesmerized and damn near knocked
me off my feet.
I was hooked on the thought of what could or could
not be...Then
Love hit me at both sides
So that I could not see
A silhouette of what I was to claim
I said speak to me my love
And...through a whisper I heard my name
Chills ran through me and I can't seem to describe
How my new love and I began this...instant vibe
We...talked about the future
Reminisced upon the past
Wrapped up into one another
I...never felt my heart leap so fast
At last love came and...
It showed up just in time
This new and bewitching love was at my front door
And for was truly mine


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  1. You always make me smile and smile and smile. Lovely :)

  2. I love your poetry. You have a natural ability to make people happy

  3. you are so deserving of love :)
    your beauty is undeniable :) xo


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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