The Day After

Christmas this year was a bit different for me. First, we didn't go home to Louisiana as we normally do (but we are going for New Year's Eve). We decided to think outside of the box and cook a non traditional meal. Hubby is a cooking expert, so there was no surprise when he presented dinner to us. Normally we are surrounded by up to 80 family members, so everyone must eat fast and play musical chairs.

Last night for the first time in 12 years as a family we (hubby, princess and I) ate Christmas dinner very calmly. We savored every bite and enjoyed each others company dearly. We thanked the Father for this opportunity and we prayed for those who were having a hard time. After dinner we watched a few Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel!

This was the Christmas I always desired! A peaceful and love filled day going at OUR pace and not the pace of others.

I pray that Christmas lives in each of us EVERY DAY of the year!

Today I Am Grateful For:

* A new day
*A beautiful family
*Our health
*Delicious food
*A home
* Blessings of all sizes
* Growth
* Guidance
* Peace Within
* God's love
* Nature
* A Blessed and Phenomenal Christmas
* New Beginnings




  1. its the peace and love ..spread and flame the day

  2. Enjoy the day and the memories..:)

  3. That is so sweet...traditions are wonderful, but being able to have new ones or new memories to savor are also precious.

  4. Now that sounds like what Christmas is meant to be... a time of peace...of family...of soft, deep, love...

    Blessings of light to surround you and your precious family my sister,


  5. Oh it sounds GRAND, simply grand :)

  6. Hi, I decided to go way back into your archive of blogs. I think you've done a remarkable job building this thing, congratulations. I think your writings are superb and always with a wonderfull message. thank you,



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