3 Beautiful Things On Wednesday

Pic from here

1. Winter has hit San Antonio (Yippee!)

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2. Starting my morning with a hot cup of cocoa while listening to Joyce Meyer

3. Seeing this beautiful face as soon as I open my eyes

I'm Grateful For:
The delicious meal we had for dinner last night * For seeing my daughter dance happily in the rain/ice combo that fell from the sky last night * A brand new day * Music * Guidance * Being Loved * Being able to Love * The guidance of my big bro and my sissy in law * Hubby's True Love * Peace Within

I read the following message the other day and wanted to share it with you all. It was written by Carrie Hart

Carrie's Message: Give thanks for each breath you take, for each note of music you hear, for smiles and laughter, and for the joy within you, deep inside, always there, ever present, a deep joy in simply being alive.
Give thanks for being who you are, just as you are in this moment, on this day, right now.

Give thanks for the great blessings of your life, for every moment you have lived and for each event and each person that has enriched the depths of your experience as a human being.

And most of all, give thanks for this moment, right now. Go deeply into it and feel the quickening pulse of life as it pours through your body, filling you with beauty and wonder.

Just as life is, just as you are, give thanks.


  1. Yes indeed! Blessed are the simple things. The daily things. They are beautiful and precious! Thank you for another amazing post!

    Blessed be :)

  2. The drop in temps was a blessing for sure here in Central Texas. But going from 80 to 36 in two hours? Yikes! We had high winds and sleet too.

  3. Darn the last time I was there it was ninety degrees when I was wondering around the Mexican flea market

  4. Well said, we need to give thanks on a daily basis.

    Nice to have chilly weather!


  5. Lovely post! Thanks for sharing it.

  6. Reading your grateful list makes me smile. It is true we must never take for granted our moments here.

  7. I just love the photos..it's nice when the weather changes like that! Many belssings to you today!

  8. Yes, we should be thankful for what we have and more so for the fact that we are alive at this very moment, right NOW.
    Well done!

  9. The winter has begun to seem real! :)


    I am giving your blog an award because it has meant so much to me :)

    If you choose not to display your award that is ok, however I did want you to know that reading your blog has given me joy!


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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