Rain On Me (Poem)

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Rain On Me
By: Tabitha D.

Drizzle upon my soul
let the essence of you
combine with me
So that I may know the true meaning to...
Peace Be Still
Wrap your arms around me
so that I might rest awhile
Taking the time to finally transform
into the being I...was meant to be
Etch your tears on me like tattoos
as I sit in the middle of chaos
and yet, not notice a thing
Let me be who I want to be
and no longer play this game of charades
Just to keep the masses happy
Allow me to walk along your footprints
strong and courageous
Never again trying to fix that, which is not fixable
I want to thank you for the gift of motherhood
because she allows me to make mistakes
and still smiles in my face saying...I Love You Mommy
Rain on me
Grant me the blessings you see fit
and I shall pass them on for generations to come
Rain...on me
Grant me the ability to know when love is true
and the strength to walk away when it is not
Let my third eye guide me when all else has failed
When family has let me down
When so called friends have bailed
Rain On Me
Wash away my fears
Purify my soul so that I may glide through this life
stress free
and please don't let these fools test me
Cause see...I'm a dirty south kind of chic
A New Orleans bred
coming from the heart and Dome real hard
but most importantly
don't let them test me
Cause I stand before them...A Child Of God
and my father...He don't play
He provides me with the tools to survive
each and every day
He breathes within me these words to calm
Silencing cries, which are riddled in wounds of the past
I now know PEACE...at last
and my soul is filled with his grace
His love ALONE
allows me to be
He asks what is it that I need
and I humbly reply
Please Heavenly Father...
Rain On Me


  1. wonderful piece..:)

  2. Our spirits must be as one today...
    It is gently raining ....
    and I want to go out there, in the cool, fresh aqua love from Heaven :)

    Lovely so very very lovely!

  3. Wonderful poem! Water is so healing...when I shower I always imagine my fears and worries washing away.

  4. That's beautiful! I can so relate!!! Thank you for sharing this.

  5. Beautiful and heart felt poem. I feel who you are through your words.

  6. Beautiful and touching! Thank you Tabby :)

  7. Nothing better than a warm embrace of a cleansing ~ healing ~ Heaven sent rain.
    Tabby this was lovely!


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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