Saturday's Happiness

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Studies are showing that Happiness is Contagious. If you are happy, then your loved ones are happy also. Your happiness can actually reach out to perfect strangers! If this indeed true wouldn't it be grand if everyone could just spread a little happiness? How would YOU do so?

If writing out gratitude lists helps increase blessings shouldn't writing out happiness lists help in spreading happiness? Let's Find Out!

The People & Things That Make Me Happy:

*My Daughter
*Writing Poetry
*My silly son (puppy)
*Watching T.A.P.S
*Helping others
*Elderly couple holding hands
*Hot cocoa in the morning
*Dancing in the rain
*Talking to my nieces
*A newborn baby
*Sleeping in on the weekend

There's my short list! So, what and who makes you happy?


  1. Happiness is indeed contagious. Coming to your blog is happiness :) You have been tagged my friend :)

  2. I love your uplifting, positive posts!

  3. what a great post!!

    I am happy when my daughter (12yrs) comes up to me for hugs, when my husband comes home from work, when my dogs wag their tails excitedly.......

  4. Beautiful post as always Tabitha.
    For me happiness is:
    Spending quality time with people I love.
    Seeing a child laugh.
    Singing loudly in the car.
    Visiting my bloggy friends pages.
    Take care

  5. You have a wonderful list. I too love to see an elderly couple holding hands. What also makes me happy is hearing my Boo tell me that he loves me. Baby Boo running into my arms, happy to see me. Being goofy with my daughters. My puppies, smelly and all. Writing, drawing and being creative makes me extremely happy.

    Thank you for the reminder to be happy...I was feeling a bit low.

  6. Hey Tabby ~ I have something for you, just follow the link:

  7. Hi Tabby!!!

    I like this post..happiness is the key to a good healthy life. I believe that staying positive and happy will help you to grow in every area of your life.

  8. I love your happy blog. Comments from you make me happy. My daughter's body still soft and pliant and warm from sleep makes me very happy. My husband's words of love and my Father's constant presence. Oh, how blessed I am.

  9. YOU ! ****** DO ! ******

    :) :) :)


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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