How Times Have Changed

(Part Of The Gang)

My princess and I were having one of our talks about the differences in my childhood and her own. Upon talking a sense of sadness came over me. My family is very HUGE, so no one can ever say they were lonely. My two sisters have given me 8 beautiful children who love me as their aunt. So, my daughter even as the only child has never truly been alone. But during our conversation I noticed that my childhood was a bit more adventurous and in all honesty awesome!

As a kid my family took up three houses in this neighborhood. My family had been living there since before I was born. Every family knew one another! There were NO secrets amongst these families. If my sisters or I did something wrong any adult from the Hall family had the green light to put us in check (whoop our butts), then of course it would be my Mama's turn.

I grew up with two sisters within my home and directly across the street were 9 aunts and uncles and 12 cousins. Remember, this was just in my neighborhood. My family tree runeth over. LOL
During summer time we'd play kickball, tetherball, Mama Your Bread Is Burning, Cool Can or Jump Rope. My uncle P ran his very own peewee football team and we girls were their official cheerleaders. We all attended St. Lukes Summer Day Camp until we were noticeably too old. ;)

The ice cream man made our street his permanent hangout. I truly think we provided the funds for two new vans throughout the years. Then there was Mr. Joe! Mr. Joe came through our neighborhood every weekday around 6pm. In his van he had EVERY candy a child could imagine! I adored Mr. Joe, because he would always give me an extra pack of Now & Laters or an extra box of Lemon Heads. I was one of his biggest customers and I was proud of it!

My family gave the biggest and best parties ever and there was never anytime for boredom to set in. We lived on Dorgenois Street (french for...What A Blast!). Many times I've wished to be right back there where things were fun and safety was never an issue. The place where the best 17 years of my life were spent.

Dorgenois Street. Where love oozed on every corner and laughter of children rang out for miles and miles.

This place that I love so very much no longer exists. The street is still there, but my family no longer resides on it and if you ride down Dorgenois Street today you'd swear you were in a horror film. Drugs invaded my beautiful neighborhood and has corrupted it's very essence.

My daughter has indeed had a very rich childhood along with her trillions of cousins, but they have never had the blessing of living on Dorgenois Street. They've never walked out of their home and felt the pulse of a neighborhood right below their feet.

Times have dramatically changed my friends. How I yearn for those vibrant days! Those days when I felt as one. As one with good old Dorgenois Street.


  1. Wow! So wonderful! I was totally absorbed by your post! What a fantastic childhood! Dorgenois sounds like heaven to me. There are very few neighbourhoods like that anymore, especially not in urban areas. Even if they are not overrun by poverty and corruption, the concept of neighborliness is rare, nowadays.

    How awesome that you were blessed enough to have experienced such a childhood. To have such a large and loving family who cared enough to whoop your butts when necessary. Your daughter is blessed to have such an extended family, even if it's not on Dorgenois. :)

  2. What wonderful memories! I always wished to have a big family...ours was so small. Boy, have times much for letting my kids bike ride or walk to thier friends houses alone :( It does not feel as safe anymore...that makes me sad.

  3. Hello Tabitha, It is a joy to meet such an uplifting spirit and yours truly shines in your words! I too came from a huge family growing up in the 60s and 70s surrounded by 5 brothers and sisters and a zillion aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and other assorted "family." I too miss that and wish my son could have that kind of childhood. Things are so different today growing up ~ how I do miss the carefree days of my childhood!

  4. hang on to thememories for they are the crowned jewels of life

  5. Your childhood was so rich with memories! I'm sure your daughter loves having so many cousins to make her own memories with.

  6. you are making memories right now...these shall comfort and guide blessed is your daughter.


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