Gratitude - Days 28, 29 & 30

Unconditional Love...

Until 4 years ago I had no true concept of what that truly meant.  I mean I love my daughter unconditionally, but it wasn't until we got our fur baby "Pooh" that I truly GOT IT.  Dogs and cats show their love through their actions and through their eyes.  When we have to leave home my fur baby is devastated and it breaks my heart.  But, when we return he sniffs hubby and princess Charlie.  The magic happens when he sees me.  his beautiful brown eyes light up and his tail goes bananas with wagging and he jumps on me as if he just found the greatest treat in the world.

When we are cuddling the love he has for me shoots from him and goes straight to my heart.  I truly can say I have never been loved this way.  Besides the sacrifice and love Jesus displayed for us I'd have to say Pooh is second on my list for those I know will love me no matter what.  I think God created their spirits to match His very own.  Wow! Just typing that sentence made me love my Pooh even more!

I'm grateful...

-that God is the creator of ALL things
-that He sent Pooh into my life
-Pooh is protective of me
-he loves to cuddle and give kisses every single day
-he makes me feel loved
-Pooh has taught me what loyalty is

Have a blessed day everyone!!

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  1. I understand, my fur babies love unconditionally too. glad you are loved my friend. hugs to you.


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