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In The Name of Jesus I Declare:

-Love is blooming in the hearts of every man, woman and child today
-We are being filled with the love, joy and peace of Almighty God
-That every homeless being's needs will be met today
-Healing is taking place in the lives of those who are ill
-No weapon formed against us shall prosper
-Hearts and minds will be strengthened and restored

Today I am Grateful:

*That we have a Father who desires and delights in providing for us
*For a wonderful night out trick-or-treating
*I don't have to worry
*I don't have to worry over others opinions of me
*I am freed from the stress of pleasing others
*That I know who I am and it is ENOUGH
*My daughter has a GPA of 4.0
*That every being within my home has invited Jesus into their lives
*For health, restoration, peace, joy and true love

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