Gratitude - Day 16

Facts you Don't Have To Know, but I Want You To Know..

1. I'm so in love with Jesus..I read the book of John once a month just to read Jesus' words all over.

2. My dad was addicted to heroin most of my life, so we didn't meet until I was 21.  We are indeed best friends today.

3. When I was 14 we found out I had 2 nasty ulcers in my belly.  That was an awful year.

4. Many doubted I could ever have a child and they didn't believe I could raise one.  At the age of 23 God showed them all how small minded they were.  Today my princess is 16, healthy, beautiful and indeed one of the greatest gifts from God.

5. I LOVE coffee, but it doesn't really love me back.  Terrible headaches arrive if I drink more than one day in a row.

6. It was because I read Caroline's blog that I decided to create my own blog 3 years ago this month.  She was so inspiring!

7. I know how to make myself fake belch.  It's gross, but I get a kick out of making my princess go "eww!"

8. I love HARD.  It has been described as truly intense.

9. I struggle with food.  I love it!  Point. blank.

10. My upstairs neighbor's son is on drugs and although I pray for him he works my very last nerve.  That makes me sad.

many blessings...

stars in the sky
Shirley Temple movies
followed by Jerry Lewis movies
popcorn and butter
vitamin D (it's an amazing vitamin to add)

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