Gratitude - Day 24

The truth about who YOU are:

Through Christ you are:

-a masterpiece   -loved   -blessed   -beautiful   -handsome   -victorious
-strong and wise

In today's society we are quick to give ourselves negative labels.  I'm learning the importance of waking up every day and speaking positive labels into my life.  Joel Osteen teaches that if you constantly call yourself fat, then you are attracting that to your life.  I want to attract everything positive my way and I want the same for you.  When you wake up each day either to yourself or out loud declare positive labels upon your life and tuck them away deep in your heart, so you'll begin to believe them.

Today I am grateful...

-tomorrow you will wake up and change the way you see yourself
-that you are a child of God and NO ONE can take that away from you
-your negative labels are being weakened by the transformation of your mind
-joy is spreading through you as you see yourself in the correct light

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