Gratitude - Day 22

Being in the NOW: Daily we wake up with an abundance of opportunities and choices.  In many people's lives we wake up and become so boggled down with to do lists and every day struggles that we simply miss out on the now.  We literally miss out on the very present moment we are in.  I'm extremely guilty of doing this in the past, but for the past 3 years I have been more intentional with being present.  I do this by simply slowing down.  I have come to learn that it is truly okay to say "I'm sorry, I can not do this today."  Or simply say NO.  I've also learned that the world will not fall apart if I decide to check out and check in with myself and God.  Spending quiet time with God gives me balance and great peace.  If I don't silence my surroundings every now and then how will I ever be able to hear god when he whispers in my life?  When people are speaking to me I make it my business to be fully present.  When I am doing the speaking I am fully aware of every word and tone I allow to pass my lips.  When I feel I am not doing this I silence myself.  I literally do not speak for 24 hours.  Doing this helps me center myself again.  Life is truly flying by for each and every one of us and it would be a true tragedy if we get to the end and realize we've missed 75% of it all.  A true tragedy indeed and I for one refuse to let this happen in my life.

Tell me friends...How do you keep yourself PRESENT?

Today I'm grateful...

*we had a beautiful walk yesterday in our neighborhood
*I could purchase learning blocks for my great nephew
*for the lessons I am learning by watching Oprah's Lifeclass
*for the lessons I am learning from my theology class (mind blowing!)
*for growth and awareness

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