Gratitude - Day 20

14 years ago I was introduced to my hubby A.  He knew right then we'd be married, but I thought I'd never go that way again.  When I met him my daughter and I barely had food in our home.  He'd only known us for three weeks, but took it upon himself to go grocery shopping on our behalf.  He filled our freezer with meat and our cabinets with veggies, rice, cereal and whatever we needed.  I was blown away and saw him in a completely new light.

We've been through so much within these 14 years (mostly our own fault), but we've never wanted to be without the other.  To me that speaks volumes on God's grace and mercy.  He was ministering to our hearts even when we couldn't or wouldn't hear Him.  I'm truly grateful He saw what we couldn't see.  God knew we would both grow into two beings who would love unconditionally and together would serve Him in any way possible.

Today I am grateful...

-that God blessed me with an earth angel
-my hubby works and never complains
-A delights in providing for his family
-A's heart is a mirror of Jesus' heart
-A truly loves me
-he became the dad my J truly deserved
-he's a forgiving and compassionate man
-he's forever mine

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