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I try so hard to keep my thoughts in line, but sometimes I slip up.  The great thing about this weekend was I learned a few lessons.  The most important one was...I am not perfect and that's Okay.  I've been reading a great deal of weight loss blogs and in doing this I saw myself in many of these people.  I could relate to their ups and downs.

The scale has been my enemy from day 1.  I asked my daughter to hide it from me only to beg her to let me weigh myself.  That was not fair to her nor myself.  I tried on 2 pairs of pants that once were very tight on me.  Now both pair are SUPER loose.  This made me feel great about my journey.  

My problem in a nutshell is this...I'm losing weight way slower than everyone else, because of my deformities.  My exercise regime is less than what those with both arms and legs can do.  But my second lesson brought this home to me in a very sweet way.  It has taken me 5 months to lose 24 pounds (because of my inability to exercise as much and as intense as those with both limbs), but it will be that harder and longer for those 24 pounds to return.  Once the remaining 45 pounds leave my body I plan to never allow them to return.  Being handicapped and losing weight has it's challenges, but I know God is on my side and I WILL be a huge success at this. 

Mini Goals:

*Get to 191 by April (2nd week at best)
*Get to 180 or less by my birthday August 1st

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  1. It's so wonderful you are still doing this. My weight is taking a while longer to fall too. I think it's best to lose it slowly anyway, I keep telling myself that :) Take care.


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