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I truly understand that people have to make a living.  I especially understand in these days where jobs are ending at a rapid rate.  However, it confuses me how many discuss helping America get fit and turn around and say for the low low price of...(add any crazy amount here)

Two years ago I watched a documentary on the Weigh Down Method.  What I heard her say made complete sense to me.  She encourages others to eat only when you are physically hungry, stop when you are satisfied and lean on God for guidance.  My problem with her is she charges to share this information.  Should we really pay someone to give us these tips?  Yes, I find these tips very helpful in my journey.  But, once that clicked for me I turned to God as she said and asked him for help.  In doing this he guided me to MANY bloggers who are on the same path as I am on and they share their journey and tips freely.  Many state they are doing it, because they want to help others.  So do I.  I'm learning that a community of people striving to lose weight can be the BEST prescription for those struggling to be healthier.

Here are a few FREE tips that ABSOLUTELY work!

--Eat ONLY when you are Physically hungry (this is ridding me of my emotional eating habits BIG TIME!)
--Drink LOTS of water (8 to 10 cups per day is the norm for me)
--Do NOT drink a bunch of calories (juices, sodas, alcohol)
--Incorporate fruits and veggies in each meal (You WON'T regret it)
--Practice mindful eating (we turn off TV's when we eat..If I'm alone I listen to soothing music while I eat.  Doing this helps you be mindful of when you are satisfied and will help you stop eating before you over do it.)
--Write..It..Down (write down what you are eating throughout the day.  Doing this helps you see any patterns that may be harmful to your journey.  Studies show that those who keep food journals lose MORE weight than those who do not.)
--Stay away from empty calorie foods - Foods that don't fill you for very long or at all. (You'll have to decide what those are, because everyone is different.  For me a few are 100 calorie packs, Chinese food, chips, and candy.  There are a few more that I will share in a later post.

I pray this helps and know that I am cheering you on!!



  1. Tabitha, this is so true hon, I so agree with the writing down what we eat. The bloggers out here have been a great support system. the success of others inspires me to keep going, one day at a time. have a wonderful weekend. thank so much for the kind comment you left the other day. I am feeling much better. hugs.

  2. Hi Tabitha, Thank you for the reminder. I have been so lax in noting what I eat.


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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