Faithful Friday

I had always been an emotional eater.  I didn't come to this realization until a few years ago.  With any struggle I have learned that if I turn it over to God He can and will help me with it.  In the beginning I struggled severely, because when I became stressed I'd automatically want to eat something.  I tried not to submit, but would ultimately cave.  After watching a documentary of the struggle of a 500 pound woman I saw something that resembled me.  I focused too much on NOT trying to over eat.  That in itself triggered the binges.

The Bible teaches us to give our troubles over to God and Trust that He will deliver us in His time from those troubles.  My first step was I started asking myself a very important question when any urge to eat comes about.  "Am I truly hungry?"  I also ask myself "how am I feeling right now?"  After answering these questions honestly I'd realize that I am in fact not hungry.  Now what I do is drink water before each meal and if I feel that True hunger after drinking my water I know it's time to eat.  Most times we are very thirsty, but our brains read it as being hungry.  If I feel hunger pangs (the signal God placed in our bodies) I know it's time to eat.

I have not had an emotional eating episode in over two months.  Does that mean it can't happen?  No, I am after all a human being.  But, I now have tools to help me have a better chance of it not occurring.  I place my trust in God and I use the tools given to me.  I'm sharing them here, because they may help someone else.  Food is an addiction for millions of beings on this earth, but there is help.  There is hope for each and every one of us going through this.  For everyone the reasons why this starts is very different, but with God you can overcome it.  I'll be sharing much more in future posts.  God bless!

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  1. I have been an emotional eater too. Sometimes you feel like you're the only person doing it too...but that's not true.


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