Faithful Friday - Washing The Feet of Others

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 In a recent message Joyce Meyer spoke on how Jesus washed the feet of his disciples (John 13).  She spoke on washing the feet of those in need.  Now, I do not mean washing feet in the literal sense.  But doing things for others with pure love in our hearts.  Sometimes we need to take a moment and evaluate how we are treating our selves, our loved ones and complete strangers.  Are you going through your day in judgment of self or others?  Or are you walking in complete love?  It can be a day to day struggle for many.  I am a very loving person, but I need improving.

My goal this year is to imitate Jesus in every way that I humanly can.  So after hearing Joyce speak I decided I needed to chisel away at that selfish part of me (we all have it).  I started within my own home by cooking hot meals for my family every day of the week (except Fridays).  I cook a great deal already, but what changed was how I present the meals.  I'd cook, but everyone would dish their own meals.  Now I serve everyone and I totally love it.  So, throughout April I am taking my role as a servant outside my home.  Starting today I will be leaving little gifts, gift cards and uplifting messages around my town for unsuspecting beings to find.  I will "wash their feet" by spreading God's love in my very own way.

Have you been thinking how you may be able to "wash someone's feet?"
I'd love to hear how you achieved this!

With True Love,


  1. I love this idea, Tabitha! I try to look people in the eye and say hello to everyone I meet. It's so strange that all sorts of different people can work in a building, but often they never acknowledge each other. I like working in a friendly place, so I try to be friendly to everyone.

  2. I love the way you express yourself to others. God Bless You. Thanks for the nice writing!


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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