Faithful Friday

On January 1, 2011 I became overwhelmed with the desire to be more like Jesus.  My heart, mind and body were filled with great peace, joy, love and compassion.  I had no idea how I would truly achieve this and I'm well aware that no human will ever be "just like Jesus."  But, I do know that he desires us to get as close to it as possible.

Every morning I declare that my main goal is to be more like Jesus.  Some days I fail, but I notice the mistake and immediately correct myself.  The me of 6 years ago would have never even noticed it.  With wanting to be more like Jesus I see him showing me the things that I need to be freed of.  I have some ugly things within me like judging, insecurity, and trust issues.  These are the main three things he's been showing me.  My daughter and I talk a great deal and I was expressing this to her and she said "mama I think God is cleaning the old you out to make room for the new you."  "It's like an abandoned home, you have to tear it down to rebuild the new home."

That child is way before her time, but she is so right!  Of course, I truly dislike finding out these things about myself, but I humbly accept that I won't be this way for much longer.  At first I was scared to ask God to change me, because I knew I'd have to be gutted out from within.  Now I embrace this gift, because it takes me one day closer to being more like my Almighty Jesus.

I am grateful God gives us this gift of renovation and restoration!

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