Healthier Meal Option

I received a few emails asking about the photo above.  If you are a pizza lover as I am by now you know that a slice of pizza from well known places can add up to over 300 calories PER slice.  I found this healthier version via Youtube and I was able to have all 3 for lunch for as little as 180 calories!

Items Needed: 1 package of regular biscuits, your favorite tomato sauce or salsa, cheese (I didn't add cheese), crushed black olives, chopped bell-pepper, green onions and mushrooms (or any veggies you love)

-We sprayed foil with pam
-placed biscuits spread apart and flattened the biscuits
-baked biscuits on 375 for 7 minutes (until brown)
-added 1 tsp sauce per biscuit along with veggies
-Placed in oven for additional 5 to 7 minutes

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