Gratitude Monday

Sunday was truly a relaxing day within my home.  I'm a huge popcorn lover, but I stay away from the butter flavored kind.  While watching The Cooking Channel I saw chef Michael Simon pop popcorn on the top of his stove.  With technology these days I guess I forgot that we could even do this!

I popped my popcorn, went into my room and read my devotional book.  I truly enjoyed my day of peace and quiet!

Today i am...


Today i am grateful...

--For a new day of life
--God's never-ending love
--Fabulous new recipes
--My hubby and daughter
--My puppy son

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  1. I love me some good popcorn too!
    I love that you spent time reading your devotional. It just brings a calm feeling over me.


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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