LOVE...That's the theme for today.  The more I ask God to help me be more like him I find the word LOVE.  He is Love and Kindness.  He is gentle and compassionate.  So, I will go through my day copying my beautiful Father.  As I show this to other beings I will definitely show it to myself.

The Goings On..

*We are putting Love Bags together for the Brighter Days Project (they hold events for under privileged kids and our charity has teamed up with them).

*We changed the name of our bags from Goody Bags to Love Bags.

*We will be leaving love bags around wal-mart today (I LOVE doing this!)

3 Blessings..

*No bad dreams (my dreams are crazy at times)

*My beautiful daughter who loves helping me in my quest to spread God's love to others.

*Good health and a constantly shrinking tummy (woohoo!)

Have A Truly Blessed Day Filled With Tons of LOVE!!

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  1. Have a wonderful day. I like the Love Bag name. glad to hear you are still doing good on your plan with the constant shrinking stomach., mine is stuck in limbo. lol. have a blessed day my friend,. hugs.


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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