I've been meeting some wonderful people who like me are losing weight the healthy way.  I've been inspired by many of them and have formed great relationships with them.  A few have asked "why don't you post more about your weight loss?"  In all honesty I didn't think anyone wanted to read about that.  Then, I was asked "who are you mostly writing for?"  The answer was/is...Me

So, with that being said I'll be posting more about my weight loss journey here.  I pray it will help those who are trying to do the same.

The Facts:

-I am currently 196 pounds (I feel much smaller than that, because I've lost many inches on my body)
-I can now walk with my artificial leg without any pain (I did this for my hubby and princess Charlie and they were super excited)  I look forward to losing much more.
-I am exercising 4 days a week for 30 minutes
-I just received my order of Vitatops and they taste Amazing!!
-I'm currently eating up to 1300 calories a day and counting calories has changed my world! (it use to drive me batty, but now something clicked)

Today's Menu:

Breakfast: 2 Nutri Grain waffles w/PB
Lunch: Oatmeal (I'm addicted)
Dinner: Subway & veggies
Snacks: 2 apples and 1 vitatop
Exercise: 30 minutes                    Water: 9 cups

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