A Grateful Heart

Today I Am Grateful For...

#1. God's daily guidance and forgiveness.

#2. The gentleness I feel when I pray and trust in The Father.

#3. My daughter who loves me no matter what and loves to make her mama laugh uncontrollably.

#4. A husband who strongly believes in my destiny.

#5. A grandmother who's bravery is still teaching me 2 years after she's gone.

#6. I can hear the beautiful music, which uplifts my spirit and moves my butt.

#7. Playing in the snow with my princess (a very rare occasion)

#8. Warm soup with loads of veggies.

#9. Crying to release the old and laughter to usher in the NOW.

#10. Blue skies that hold the whitest clouds ever.

#11. Sisters in Christ who SO get me and my journey.

#12. My journey..The good, the bad and the ugly.

#13. Trials and tribulations and the lessons that came from the experiences.

#14. Knowing that God SO loves me that he gave his only son to save me.


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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