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I wish I could fully convey all of the transformations that have been going on in my life since 2005.  So much has happened and yet, I can not describe it all.  So here are a few of the newer highlights!

1. I can see my belly button!  Yep. You read that correctly!  When I was 220 (or more) pounds I could not see my belly button.  Now that I am 195 I see it and it has never looked cuter!  I literally cried of joy when I realized I could see it.

2. Until March 15th I'm going to be posting positive thoughts and from time to time a "word of the day."  My mentor told me how daily she lists 3 positive things about herself and how it sets her day on the right path.  She also chooses a word of the day, which I think is genius!  So, for 1 month (starting today) I'm going to do this on both my blog and in my personal journal.

3 Positive Things:

*I love my ever changing body
*I choose to be joyful and at peace
*True Love begins with loving ME 1st...and I do!!

My word for today is...Love
I will go through my day speaking with love in my heart.  I will show myself 100% love no matter what mood I may experience.  I will show my loved ones how much I adore them (as I do everyday).

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  1. I totally understand sis, losing weight has made me so very happy. Congrats to you, love you so much.


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