ICB #13:Wrapped in Bliss

ICB #13:Wrapped in Bliss (5:04)

This entire blog is based on my new way of living, thinking, feeling and being. When I fully understood that I alone had the power to bring me joy my life changed dramatically. When I fully understood the depth of Jesus' love for me and the plan God has in store for my life I became free. I have the power to live in complete misery or I can choose to live each day granted to me in complete bliss/joy. There are times in everyone's life where we stand smack dab in the center of a tornado, but it is how we react to that tornado that can make or break us. I have survived living with deformities. I have survived feeling un-loved by my parents. I have survived hurricane Katrina. I have survived losing three family members last year all within months of one another. I have survived being lost. But, even through all of that I "still" choose bliss. I know the truth and I know my destiny. Knowing both has given me strength I never imagined. Tornadoes have scooped me up SEVERAL times in my life, but I stood still and allowed The Father to take control. I know it's hard for many to believe in something/someone they can not see, but believe me there's great power in Believing.

Live is hard(for everyone), but we have the power to change our circumstances. One of the ways I have chosen to bring joy into my life is by expressing Gratitude daily. Today I am grateful that I am breathing, for God's unconditional love, that I have the power to live in joy and release all fears, that my voice can be the voice for many who feel they have none. Another way is by living in simplicity, but for me the greatest decision I ever made was to follow God and His Son Jesus. In doing this it has lead me to live a life of serving others instead of wallowing in self pity. Living in "Me" world will not take us very far, but if we choose to help others and give of ourselves the blessings can be enormous and never ending.

Believe in You, Believe in something or someone far bigger than yourself, Believe in love and most of all believe in bliss. It's right there waiting for you to wrap yourself within it. It never hides from us. It's there and it's yours. Just reach out and Believe.

God Bless


  1. Good morning dear Tabitha! I knew that your place was the place I needed to visit today. I am weary and burned out and way too much to do today. Thank you for lifting my spirits and my soul!!
    Love, Sarah

  2. It IS about believing, Tabitha, and as you have testified, doing so can completely change your life. That is why I love and live by the mantra, "Believe, breathe, and be well." It says it all....

  3. Your words have brought tears to my eyes and peace to my heart. Thank you for sharing all of that. Serving others is so much powerful than people realize, it can really change your life completely.

    BTW, I did do the three column myself. I can give you the links that I found with intrustions or I don't mind doing it for you either. Just let me know which you prefer.
    your can email me at quinonezfamily@newwavecomm.net

  4. It's true, we sometimes can't change what is, and we certainly can't change the past, but we can change our attitude!

  5. Thank you for your words this afternoon -

  6. There is great power in believing, that is definitely true Tabitha!

    Thank you for your beautiful, inspiring and uplifting words today.

    God bless!

  7. amen and amen. thank you for being an inspiring light for us.

  8. I loved this post. Everything you said rings true. But we forget it many times. I love your 10 commandments and your spiritual to do list. You are an inspiration to me, Tabitha. :-)
    - Cougs

  9. Dear Tabitha,

    "He gives power to the weak, and to those who have no might He increases strength".(Isiah 40:29)

    Its our heavenly father that keeps us alive in spite of all hindrances in life. He showers his unconditional love, he wipes our tears, he holds our hands and make us strong.

    Even I lost my three family members recently. Its only GOD, who helps me who keeps me alive among all my trials and tribulations.

    I'm sorry for the loved ones you lost. God Bless you Tabitha.

  10. Patched to you through another blog. You are what God needed for me this morning. I've been in and out of the fire. Refinement means God has his hand on me and I'm most grateful.

  11. This is such an encouragement and an uplifter... as you always are. Thanks for this wonderful post! Such an inspiration! :)


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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