Counting My Blessings On Monday

1. Cool sunshiny days
2. lunch date with hubby
3. hubby's job
4. my nephews sense of humor
5. my nephews wonderful grades (he's giving it his all)
6. A comfortable home
7. Trip to Wal-Mart and Target in the same day (Goodness!)
8. A brand new day
9. The lesson of following Him
10. Music Music and Music
11. A new peep hole that I can reach
12. Fall
13. The ability to provide a warm meal each day
14. Peace, Love, Grace & Joy (BIG Smiles)

I have received a few awards lately and I am beyond grateful for them. I am honored that those passing them along think so highly of me!

Dale awarded me the "One Lovely Blog Award"

I was awarded the "Honest Scrap" award by Kee @30 Something and Still Finding My Way

"Dragon Loyalty Award"

My Comments Rock Award"

Given by The Redhead Riter

Thank You All!!

Have A Super Blessed Day!!


  1. How thankful I am that I started a new week and have only 2 left till I can be a SAHM. How thankful I am that we live an easy life compared to so many other people!
    Wish you a great day & week

  2. A Joy! to give thanks with you!
    Isn't God unspeakably good -- day after day, grace upon grace...

    Your words, grace, too...

    All's grace,

  3. Congratulations on all the bloggy awards! I can really relate to your #10 blessing!

  4. Congrats on all the awards! You deserve them! LOVE your list!!

  5. Celebrating-- and giving thanks-- with you today! Thank you for sharing your beautiful list~ I especially love #13... how often I take that very thing for granted!

    Have a wonderful day~

  6. Blessings and awards...a truly blessed Monday!

  7. Congrats on your awards!!! You deserve 'em! And I love your blessings (especially that peephole one :)

  8. Sweet blessings!
    Giving thanks with you tonight ~ Maria

  9. Blessings to you Diva...I feel you! I'm giving Thanks as well. We serve an AWESOME GOD! Drop over and see me when you can....look what I have been going through but I'm still grateful to our Lord! You alwys Bless me Tabby...glad the Muse introduced us!

  10. You are so precious, so filled with Joy for Him. I celebrate with you tonight.

    I love your heart full of gratitude. You inspire.

  11. Counting my blessings with you today dear one!

    Joyfully His,
    Sarah Dawn

  12. This is my first visit I think I was recomended by one of my blogs readers. I like the very positive nature of your blog. It is light and easy and fun to read.

  13. :) Thank you for following my blog also. I loved to hear the blessings you counted for Monday, and congratulations on all of the awards!

  14. What a precious list:) I've been combing the gratitude lists and enjoying all of the different peoples lists and everyone of them have blessed me...and yours is no different:)

    I'm learning as I read the lists to be thankful for things I wouldn't usually think of as a number 7:) Thank you for teaching me to be more grateful.



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