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When I stand before God at the end of my life,
I would hope that I would have
not a single bit of talent left and could say,
“I used everything you gave me.”
~ Erma Bombeck

Have you ever exhaled and truly felt the release of anxiety, stress, fear, sorrow or even exhaustion? Could you describe the moment? Recently, this happened to me and I can not begin to say just how freeing it was. Immediately I felt lightened. My entire body gave in as I exhaled away any yucky feelings I may have been holding on to. This in turn, creates an enormous amount of gratitude. that's exactly what happened as I exhaled. I released and in my inhaling I took in so much gratitude.

The above quote speaks for me in volumes! I pray that at the end of my journey here on earth I will honestly be able to say "I gave it all" and He will be proud of me.

Today I Am Grateful:
For release of bad emotions
For the loving family members whom reside within my home
That God truly does answer prayers
For earthly Angels (I am truly surrounded)
For Unconditional Love and Sweet Mercy
For each and every blog reader (even the lurkers) & every podcast listener
For a home filled with love, joy, food, comfort & The Father

What are you grateful for this week?


  1. What a blessing to be able to sigh that breath of relief! God is good all the time!

  2. What am I grateful for? I don't know if I can say it right, but I'm grateful that God puts it in my heart to BE grateful!!! My mom always urged us to have a "gratitude attitude." So it isn't so much being grateful for a particular thing (although I could list 20 right now in one breath.) It's more a general sense of feeling and expressing gratitude for EVERYthing . . does that make sense? and when I'm feeling down/depressed, I just ramp up the gratitude attitude and shift my thoughts from what I think I DON'T have, to all that God HAS placed in my life.

    Thank you for asking this, Tabitha. It's just what I needed :)

  3. Your blog is beautiful!! Visiting from SITS. My son turns 3 next week and I have been teaching him to take deep breaths to "get the yuckies out". I am grateful that I make time for myself at least once a week to practice meditation to center myself through breathing. This post reminded me of how important that time is!!!

  4. I am grateful for my family, our health, and this sunny Friday!

    What a treat! Visiting from SITS, and I find your blog to be relaxing, peaceful, and spiritual. Love it!!!

  5. What a beautiful quote from such a beautiful lady..and she was right -- to use it up by the time we are finished our earthly life. This just speaks to me so deeply today Tabitha!

    I'm glad you have been able to feel the bliss of that exhale...I'm grateful today that you shared this quote!

  6. Oh, how this spoke to my soul today. Thank you dear one.

    Teresa <><

  7. Tabitha, beautiful! I love exhaling and am glad you do too. Breathing in, breathing out, Spirit's presence in my life. All is well....

  8. Nothing feels better than a good exhale. I love the quote you shared...I hope to feel the same when that day comes! Have a beautiful weekend!

  9. This is beautiful, Tabitha! Exhaling out the bad energy, breathing in gratitude and love, that's the way to do it! I've been teaching my boys to do this, too and it has really helped them at those times when they are feeling traumatized.

    The quote you shared is wonderful. Today I am grateful for the small break I am enjoying from the day to day. I'm catching my breath and getting back to center. I'm grateful for your blog, too, and it's gentle nudges towards truth and joy.

  10. I did Exhale over an abusive relationship and it was so wonderful.

    Exhale the movie was awesome!!!!!!!

  11. It's the experiential equivalent to instant, urgent relief felt when exhaling after a period of holding one's breath. It's primal ... like, the body knows what to do to bring itself back to balance.

    One must empty the vessel completely of the old and stale to make room for the pure and fresh. And to generate motion sufficient to sustain life.

    In nature, nothing goes to waste, everything is used, and reused, and recycled. Nature uses everything it has ... not more, not less.

    Just my thinking when I read this post.

  12. I know exactly what you mean about exhaling. YES!

    and what a wonderful quote...

  13. I know the feeling well. It's like my soul is singing and my spirit dancing. It's like an unveiling of a miracle. Hugs Tabby! :)

  14. I love your consistent heart of gratitude.

  15. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. I could totally relate to this post Tabitha! Totally and completely!

  16. I think when I'm 100 I will remember clearly that feeling of inhaling and then that long wonderful exhale and that sense of GIANT peace! It's like finding a diamond, it seems so rare, but so beautiful! You always put so perfectly in your prayers what is in my heart, what my needs are. I want a home filled with love, joy, food, comfort, and The Father!

    Thank you:)

  17. This is such a lovely post, Tabitha! Just by reading the title I knew that I would embrace so much truth here! :)
    I love the opening quote also, and especially how you shared that you are grateful for the release which gives into peace, and a fresh flow of gratitude. Blessings to you, my dear! :) ~Sharmila


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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