The Goings On In My Life

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It's been an extremely fantastic week! I have been to cloud 9 and back. Add in a little exhaustion and you have a grateful me. :)

The Goings On In My Life:

*We are gearing up for our 2009 Christmas give over @ anyone wishing to help us make this possible can visit the site or email me

*I'm SUPER thrilled, because it is no longer hot in Texas!

*This Wednesday I was the Featured Blogger for SITS and it was AMAZING!!!

*I've been visiting every commenter to thank them for visiting me on my day (it's a hard job)

*Sam @ Sandwich365 became my 200th follower!!! I'm sending her a lovely gift (:

*I'm SO excited about Halloween!

*I found out through my new dentist that part of my jaw pain is due to my 2 right wisdom teeth, which now must be extracted :(

*I am SO gearing up to see "Where The Wild Things Are" tonight!!!

*I'll have a new podcast up on Monday 10/19 (for all who's been asking) :)

*I did an awesome interview with Secret Agent L over @ if you get a chance check it out. She's wicked awesome!!


  1. Yay, a new podcast. Yes, I'm one of the pests who have been asking and wondering when the next one was...

  2. What a wonderful week you have had...enjoy it and savor this :) Have a beautiful weekend!

  3. So happy to hear your week was so blessed Tabitha! It gives hope that perhaps I will have one of those next week!

    Sorry about the wisdom teeth though, hope that all works out ok. Get the drugs!!!!

    Have a blessed weekend!

  4. Lots going on and mostly good stuff - minus the teeth bit - good luck!!!

  5. You are a busy girl.. I need to take some inspiration from you

  6. As a native Texan, the only thing I think I DON'T miss about the Lone Star State is the heat. Hope you're over the real hot stuff...

  7. wonderful week Tabitha :) hope to see you more often over at my blog! wish you a blessed weekend

  8. Glad you're having a blessed week! I had my wisdom teeth out at age 42. All 4. It was pretty yucky for about a week. The younger you get it done, the better off you will be! ((hugs))

  9. good luck with the wisdom teeth - i've had them extracted surgically and also yanked right out at different phases of my adulthood. not too bad!

    stopping by from SITS!

  10. You are busy! Awesome about the goodie bags. What an awesome ministry/organization you have created!

  11. Woop woop to cooler weather in Florida AND Texas!!

  12. I'm so glad you had a great week --- that makes me happy, and allows me to live vicariously through you!

    Way to go!

  13. So glad you're having so much happiness! I have been absent from blogging...can't believe I missed you on SITS!

    Can't wait to hear your opinion of the movie!


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