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I started this mission, organization, ministry (whatever you wish to name it) because I believe with all of my heart that God wants me to do this. Since I can remember I've always wanted to help others. My heart literally breaks when I see a homeless person or a child fighting cancer. Cancer has taken too many of my loved ones, but I don't give up hope for a cure.

There are millions of beings in this world who are fighting some sort of battle. Be it physical, mental, illness, homelessness, disability or even being a single mom or dad. A struggle is a struggle and my GREATEST wish is to help them in some small way. The best way I know how to combat adversity is through LOVE. For a person going through a rough time receiving a card from a complete stranger can change their mood even if just for a little while.

I was once a child living in a hospital and I can still remember feeling so lonely at night. For a kid who's hospitalized to receive tons of mail or goodies can make a HUGE difference in their state of mind. It uplifts them, which in turns does wonders for their little bodies. I ADORE the Christmas holiday, but for me I wish to live this season every day of my life. I wish to inspire and uplift men, women and children every day of the year.

I wish to be the change that I want to see...Will you join me?

From My Heart To Yours ~ Tabitha


  1. Hi Tabby!

    I am glad you are in the "uplifting business." I know Christmas can be a lonely time for those sick or shut-in by physical, mental, or financial causes. I do find that AFTER Christmas is even worse!!! The let-down, I guess.

    I hope that your ministry will eventually accept money, not just goods. I know you are in it 100 percent just to uplift others, but having a cash flow would make it easier to do so! Or so my tiny brain thinks...

  2. you are so right! This year I wish to help the orphanage in Malta in some little way to make these children that little more happier :)

  3. As always your post is uplifting and inspiring! I have done a lot of volunteer work with critically ill children and you are so right....they just need a hand to hold, an ear to listen, a lap to sit on. And mail! Lovely post! xo

  4. This is great it tied in perfectly with my verse for the day...

    If anyone wants to be first he must first be the very last and the servant of all.

    Kindest regards,
    Tom Bailey

  5. Yes, I too wish to be the change I want to see. Bug ((hugs)) to you!

  6. You're my hero and my friend,

    Much love, M

  7. You are spreading the Way of Love. Jesus looked beyond the outer shell of people and saw what was at their core. He walked with the wicked taming their soul and sat with the forgotten lifting their spirit. You my friend have a Christ Heart and follow in His Light. May you be forever Blessed as you walk the path you are meant to travel, brining Joy, Love and Bliss to those you touch. With God as your Guide, you are never alone. You are being the change you want to see. And yes dear Tabitha, I will follow The Light. Blessings to you and yours. Love and Light, Nina P

  8. Tabitha--this was one of your most heartfelt posts. Thank you, sweet friend, for reminding me to give the love I want to receive. I read your post just now, late on a day when I'm struggling with love. So your thoughts gave me what I need to keep going.

  9. Yup, you're still as amazing as ever Tabitha!

  10. OH, my goodness, I am so glad I came across your blog! You are an inspiration! I love this idea of ministry! I am a youth minister in Texas, is there a way to maybe make cards with my kids or something of the sort and send them your way? You are an amazingly, blessed woman!!!

    Thank you for spreading your goodness, HIS goodness!!!!


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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