So Grateful For His Guidance

Me Holding Princess Charlie As A Baby

When I first gave birth to Princess Charlie I was afraid to hold her. I was scared I would drop my baby. I had tons of practice, because my oldest niece was born 4 years before PC. I had my niece more than her mother from a newborn baby, yet I was scared of dropping my own child. My sister who was now living with me at PC's birth came into my room and declared that I was going to pick my child up from her crib. I did and I did NOT drop her. The fear immediately melted away and holding PC felt SO right and natural. I believe Satan was telling me I was going to hurt my child and God used my sister to SHOW me otherwise. See satan has the ability to tell you negative things, but God has the ability to SHOW you His plans. The picture above is the very day that my sister pushed me and SHOWED me my God given ability. She declared that God would never allow anything bad to happen and she was SO right!

I'm Deeply Grateful:

*That God used my sister to guide me
*That my sister loved me enough to push me in the right direction
*For the honor to give birth and hold my baby girl
*For this life and the lessons that have come with it
*That God loves me and I FEEL it daily
*That I can freely express this


  1. Thank God for your sister, just look at how beautiful that first picture is.

  2. Since my son was a preemie, I was also frightened that I would somehow drop him...he was so tiny...I was tortured by that fear for months...I held that poor baby in a death grip!!!

    I love that picture of you -- look how soft and sweet your eyes look in it, the eyes of an angel!!!

  3. Sisters are wonderful! I love the photo of you and her as a baby and and the one of the two of you below.

  4. God SO has his way's doesnt He? He lets us go for so long before He uses the right people to tell us the right truth...

  5. I love that picture!


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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