Homeless in America?

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Today we visited a local shelter to bring them Christmas goodies and what I saw I was not ready to see. We've been to this shelter several times, but today it was different. Inside of the facility lives over 250 people. Outside the facility there was over 100 people. About 40 were under a bridge here in Downtown San Antonio and every fiber in my body ached to see them live this way. How can we as Americans and as children of God allow this to go on? Why are our brothers & sisters living in this state and we are not doing all we can to pull them up?

With all of my heart I know this is not how it's meant to be. I want to be apart of the solution. I want to make a difference, but I am just one person. How do we come together as a union and uplift those in dire need? How can we sit by and pretend this is not happening in our very own backyard?

My friends I want to know your thoughts on the homeless situation in America? How does it affect you?


  1. It's heartbreaking! I took a photo and posted it here:


    It's my way to keep my eyes open to this problem. It's about being aware and trying to help...even if it seems futile. But one person can make a difference. I know I am trying too...


  2. I did social work for years and worked with the homeless many times during my employment. It is such a sad situation. I am sure it is much worse now with the recession. We helped a lot of homeless people but it seems to be a never ending problem in this country.

  3. Caroline & Southernlady,

    Thank you both for visiting and adding your love and thoughts to this heartbreaking situation. I appreciate you deeply. (-:

  4. Tabby, I'm pretty hardnosed about the situation. I think that our culture, while one of the best in the world, is very lacking in care for the mentally ill and those with poor skills. Is there no room for them in our country??? I think it's a crying shame, we could put up barracks, we could serve those poor people in better ways, we could at least have tent cities if they are too mentally ill to live regularly -- we need to serve them as THEY need!!! But NOTHING just about NOTHING is done!!! And only by social organizations and churches, where is the goverment millions that is raised from our taxes??!!!

  5. It is heartbreaking and overwhelming. Since I don't live in the "city" per se, I don't see them like I would if I were in downtown Raleigh. One thing I did last summer was buy as many one person tents that I could and give them to the homeless people. They were thrilled because they could carry it over their shoulders like a folding chair.

    We have a lot of pan handlers on the streets, but you just never know if they are truly homeless or just begging. Either case it is sad and I really don't know what to do.

  6. Let me add. My husband knows one of the guys that we've seen pan handling. This guy has a prosthetic leg, but removes it when he is begging. This guys is one of the best welders in this area, but he begs instead. So people like that really hurt those who are homeless and desperate.

  7. I've learned a lot about homelessness this year. For some reason, God has led many homeless people to worship with us in our church. I've learned that what I think they need is not what they need...or want. I've learned I need to earn the right to help them and that the help I give them can't always be on my terms. Hard lessons to learn, and they often stop me short. I keep hearing the words of Jesus: "The poor you will have with you always..."

  8. Tabitha, you ask a question that seems to have no answer. I am dismayed at what is happening in this country and the roads we are choosing to take via the government. Most of the help with the homeless has come from churches and individual efforts but with all the layoffs, cutbacks and lack of manufacturing facilities here, people are no longer able to give what they once did. the problem is much deeper than the homeless. it is a web of problems and we need a miracle to pull us out of this mess. Besides doing what I can locally, and through the charities I support, I will continue to add prayers in support of this problem. Thank you for continuing your ministry and your focus on the problems in our society. Many blessings to you, your family, and your wonderful work.

  9. Indeed, heartbreaking! The last few years our town (~ 30,000) has done a census of homelessness folk, & the number of KIDS is included - way too many!
    A month or so ago I heard a great piece on public radio featuring two teens in Oregon, who shared their stories, & the girl is working with other kids, helping them find out their options.
    A bus driver called in, & told about the boy he essentially adopted, the kid had talked to him, & told him he wwished he could live with him - so he checked it out with 'authorities' & with the kid's folks! He helped they boy finish High School & go on to college, & kept saying
    'It wasn't anything special - anyone would have done it!!'
    Blessings & keep on with your work & inspiration!

  10. I appreciate this post. The homeless population weighs heavy on my heart too. It is so sad to me that these people have no family or friends willing to take them in to help them get back on their feet. ;(


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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