Be Ye Thankful

By: Jo Moulton

I have said this a few times, but it is so worth repeating - I Love Christmas Time!! I know Thanksgiving hasn't arrived yet, but I can't help myself. The kids and I have already decorated our home (both indoors & out). We have wrapped up gifts and placed them under the tree. But, the very best part of what we've been doing (the reason why I've been absent) is putting together over 800 goody bags for children who'll be hospitalized on Christmas Day. We've done a little shopping for our four Chemo Buddies and I'm so excited about sending off their gifts! On Saturday we saw "New Moon" and it was fabulous! Afterward, we had dinner at Apple-bee's as a family. I love that my daughter and I can share in this phenomenon.

I'm grateful that we have a home to decorate.
I'm grateful that we have a tree to put up.
I'm grateful for hubby's job, which enabled us to purchase gifts under the tree
I'm grateful for the 12 fabulous blog/twitter friends who supported our Xmas give this year.
I'm grateful that we will have a super awesome Thanksgiving dinner
I'm grateful that we will share Christmas with our family in New Orleans this year
I'm grateful for the love, peace, joy, grace and kindness that fills my life

Have A Beautiful Week!!


  1. Hi Tabitha,
    This all sounds like a whole bunch of wonderfulness! Life is filled with so much, when we really stop and appreciate it. Tabitha, thank you for being a part of my life. You are a wonderful and kind soul...

  2. WOW! 800 bags??? You are a saint! I don't know how you do it!

  3. You're just too sweet to exile to the North Pole for having just WAY TOO MUCH Christmas spirit... but you know that's what I want to do to everyone else who puts their tree up before Thanksgiving, right? ;)

  4. Ooooh me weekend the decorations come our..whoo hoo I can't wait hon!! I love all of the things you listed...not to mention..I am so thankful to have met you this year are without a doubt a blessing in my life!
    I totally related to what you said in the Bee this morning..I deal with anti support in family is indeed the worst kind! Hugs hon, Sarah

  5. Lance: Thank you for being part of my life as well! U are indeed a great inspiration for me.

    Yaya: I am so not a saint (although, I deeply appreciate your confidence in me). I'm truly doing what God wants me to be doing. I do it with the love, support and help of God, my hubby, our daughter and several wonderful friends who open their hearts to help us make this happen. :)

    Diane: U are Hilarious!! I so can't help it. Christmas (not the gift part) fills me with joy. The essence of what Christmas should truly be about is what's inside me and I can't hide it. :)

    Sarah: I hope you'll share your decorations!! I love seeing what other families have done!
    *Big Hugs*

  6. And, Tabitha, I am ever so grateful that our paths have crossed. You are a blessing to so many, including me. Have a beautiful Thanksgiving with your family and keep doing what you do, you are an inspiration!!

  7. And what wonderful things to be thankful for too. I love that we have our tree's so festive :) Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Be blessed :)

  8. Oh my gosh, Tabby, you are something every family needs, the Christmas Spark, the one that just LOVES it to pieces and gets into it...I know you're having fun but in every family, it's the Christmas Spark that makes it so much more fun for the others!!! You little sparks just brighten up the holiday!!!

  9. It' no wonder you love Christmas time, Tabby. You are the very heart and spirit of what this celebration is all about! :)

  10. Dear, dear Tabitha,

    I am grateful for you! Thanks for sharing your wonderful loving view of life with us all.

    God bless, Linda

  11. Your busyness is wonderful, Tabitha, because so many people benefit from your efforts. Congrats on all those goodie bags. My! May we begin this holiday season with joy and gratitude in our hearts. xo

  12. sounds so wonderful! i went to see that movie with my fourteen year old and i loved it!

  13. This poem's for you Tabitha girl
    Your "I Choose Bliss" is such a pearl

    What you have is a heart of gold
    Of this I know without being told

    You bring to the table Love and Joy
    You are an Angel, now don't be coy

    Spreading smiles and sowing Bliss
    God brought you here just for this

    We are so Grateful for people like you
    Who give of themselves in all they do

    May you and yours forever be Blessed
    With Heath, and Love and all of Life's Best

    May your bounty be full in every way
    And may you have a Happy Thanksgiving Day
    Love and Light,
    Nina P

  14. This was a wonderful post. I am glad you love Christmas so much Tabitha! And I am glad you touch so many. That is a wonderful thing!

  15. What a lovely list of things to be grateful for. So uplifting.

    Happy Thanksgiving.


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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