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This Week Jamie Asks: What Is Your Winter Wish?

I'm originally from New Orleans where the site of snow is far and few. But, here in Texas the site of snow may be possible in just a few days. I would love for it to snow. I want to go outside and see the trees and grounds covered in it. I want to let my inner child out and play as I've always wanted to.

I also wish this winter that there will be less humans living on the streets. I pray the powers that be (Government) will go above and beyond to keep the homeless safe and ward during this winter season.

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  1. Oh wow Tabitha - I couldn't agree more about the homeless. When you think that between Canada & the U.S. we have enough food to feed the WORLD, it breaks my heart that there are homeless people in our very own countries. It's ridiculous and yes, the government could do alot, I believe.

    This wish of yours, I wish for you also.

    And...let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!

  2. Tabitha,
    This is a beautiful wish! I live in the great North, and to see people without homes this time of year especially just breaks my heart. I do not know how someone can live out of doors in this harsh environment. Yes, may we open our hearts and pocketbooks to create warm places for everyone. I regularly give to Goodwill, an organization here that has a wonderful home for the homeless and those in transition.:-) (I also support your wish for a sprinkling of the white stuff in Texas.)

  3. I grew up an hour away from New Orleans! I've only seen snow 3 times.. and it lasted less than an hour. I'm looking forward to moving north with my husband so that I can finally experience a real winter.

  4. What a beautiful wish! I too am wishing for less homeless people on the streets...

  5. What a beautiful wish, a dream worth working towards ...

    As Tabitha so selflessly wishes for us all, so I wish also.

  6. Let it snow with loving hearts & winter warmth:)

    As Tabitha wishes for herself, so i wish also.

    May all of your winter wishes come true.

  7. You know what I wish? I wish there was not so much spiritual poverty in the world that causes people to loose their way and become 'homeless' in their own skin.

    I hope you get your snow, Tab and I would love to see you playing in it.

    As my Dear One wishes, so I lovingly and with intention wish for her also.

    You are so very, very kind.

  8. As Tabitha wishes for herself and others, do I wish for her also.
    May you find peace and joy (and snow!) this winter season.

  9. As my Soul-South of I-10 sister Tabitha wishes for herself, so too I wish for Tabitha snow... and for the Powers that Be to open their hearts and minds.♥

  10. As Tabitha wishes for herself, and others, so do I wish for her, and others, as well.

  11. As Tabitha wishes for herself and those lost on the streets, I wish for her/them also.

    What a beautiful wish.

  12. What a sweet, compassionate wish!

    As Tabitha wishes for herself and others, so I truly wish as well.

    Wishing a fellow Texan nothing but goodness as we eagerly anticipate the slightest chance of snow!

  13. As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you also Tabitha!

    We're thinking along the same lines...


  14. As Tabitha Wishes for herself I so deeply wish for her also!!
    Tabitha I can't tell you how upset I get about this issue! I can't understand why anyon in the rich country has to live out in the cold much less sleep there!! Every Winter we have such deeply cold breaks my heart when I hear that the centers are full. I wish this too hon.. I really do!
    Namaste, Sarah

  15. As Tabitha wishes for herself, so I wish for her too.

    And for everyone who finds themselves in hard times this winter.

  16. As Tabitha wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.

    My husband works with those who are acutely homeless; giving them a hand up to help them not become part of the permanently homeless. It breaks my heart to know how many people are stuck in that cycle, and how much more need he has seen this year. His ministry has seen a 130+% rise in brand new clients this year alone. Yikes.

  17. As Tabitha wishes for herself and all of us, so I wish. Your wish was beautiful!

  18. I am a Texan too :) Snow would be fun!

  19. this is beautiful my friend. i pray along with you.

  20. The homeless are something that aches at my heart too. It's so sad that they have no where and no one to take them in. I just can't imagine.


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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