Wishing From A Place of Love

By Emma Thompson

Today I wish:

For a peaceful and joy-filled Christmas
CANCER be abolished
For a world filled with compassionate beings
For the safety of every abused child on earth
For food for those who are starving
For many more mornings with The Father
Homelessness did not exist (breaks my heart)
My education will enable me to help MANY
For a stronger will power
The Angels will walk amongst us and guide & comfort us all
An abundance of love and confidence

To Be Continued...What are you wishing for today?


  1. Your wishes are beautiful...just like you Tabitha...

  2. Angels do walk among us, Tabby. I have proof. You are one of them :)

  3. Lance: You have truly made my day..Thank You!!

    Genie: We angels can spot one another from a mile away..I see you!

  4. You are such a blessing Tabitha!! I love your posts and the joy they bring to my heart!!

  5. beautiful. I wishing to get to return to Israel in the future. :-)

  6. I pray a lot for the children in foster care. The stories I hear about children being abused and then put into foster care to then be abused by their foster parents just sickens me.
    Josh and I are going to start fostering soon. There need to be more loving and caring individuals looking out for these children.

  7. Aw, I'm kind of selfish today...wishing it would WARM UP!!! lol...not used to this cold...Tabby, it's coming your way, stay warm!!!

    Love your wishes...you're such a sweetie...

  8. Your posts are always so uplifting! Reading your blog has been a huge encouragement to me.. Thank you.

    Today I'm wishing&praying that God will send many many many blessings your way! :)

  9. Tabitha,
    What lovely wishes. I agree with all of them for myself. Today I wish healing for those who struggle with addiction. So many people, and a dear loved one in my family now. May healing come on the wings of angels. :-)

  10. I wish we had more people with your wisdom. Thank you for sharing! ♥

    Merry SITSmas!

  11. Tabitha,
    I know angels walk among us...roll among us...hug and kiss, listen and talk, feed and nurture, play and rest among us. You are surely an angel often. In my faith, Judaism, the word for angel and messenger are the same...Malach...so all bloggers who share their kindness, compassion, insight and goodwill are online angels!

    Today I wish for the courage to allow others to help me more than I have in the past...to release a little more pride and accept more assistance, even from strangers, for truly if I allow them to help me, they will not be strangers for long.

    Blessing to you sweet soul,

  12. your heart always makes me smile....i love this one: safety of every abused child on earth. precious...and soooo needed.


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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