For The Weary & Burdened 4.5.12

Jesus said, "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."
-Matthew 11:28

For far too many years I had been weary and heavy burdened.  Many times I felt death was my greatest escape from the craziness of this world.  But today, I now know a new way of thinking.  A completely new way of living.  When I committed my life into God's hands and declared Jesus as my Lord 4 years ago every drop of weariness left my mind and body.  It did not leave immediately, but as my faith grew it faded with ease.  I am learning of the true power of Jesus' sacrifice and His love.  In learning these things I have grown a confidence I've never known.  I'm experiencing a peace I never knew existed here on earth.

I have been forgiven of:
-Avoiding God
-Denying The Bible

Those, to me, are my three greatest sins.  But I have committed many more in my days of ignorance.  I started reading the Bible in 2008, so it's only been four years.  But let me tell you how huge an impact reading those words have been to my life.  Life giving water to my very being!  I can not go without it.  I refuse to release it from my grips.

God's love is beyond amazing!  Every promise that I've read within the pages of his love letter to you and I are proving to be very real and true.  He promises he will never fail me nor abandon me and in those words I find rest.  The rest he assured I would find.  There will be life struggles, but I know I can be at peace through them.  My faith is grounded and growing by leaps and bounds.  

I can truly trust a Father who would allow His son to die for me and I certainly can trust a son who would voluntarily lay his life down knowing I would sin.  Knowing I would run and hide for years out of not understanding.  They went forward with this sacrifice for you and I knowing we didn't deserve it.  Jesus redeemed us and reconciled us to God out of pure love for the Father and His creation (us).  Through the spilled blood of Jesus I am forgiven.  Through the stripes on his body I am healed and by the words confessed from his very lips I have received heavenly rest right here on earth.

This is what following Jesus has brought to my life.  I pray the same for all of my brothers and sisters in this world.  God Bless.

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