I Declare [4.30.12]

Photo taken by Princess Charlie

I Believe:

*God is in control of everything in your life
*Our best days are ahead of us
*We are MORE like Jesus today than yesterday
*Jesus is Our Lord
*Our every step and word will reflect the goodness of God
*We are completely saturated in God's favor

I Decree and Declare:

*We are the head and never the tail
*Goodness and Mercy shall follow us ALL the days of our lives
*We are abundantly prosperous
*God's word is always trustworthy
*God's way is the BEST way
*Our Father provides for ALL our needs
*When you have God you can live in peace and in joy
*God has amazing plans for YOUR life!
*YOU are loved more than you know

Yesterday (Sunday) was a very peaceful day.  I had a lovely lunch date with my bestie Monica.
Came home to cook a delicious meal for my family and I even took a nap (I never nap!).
I believe this week will be filled with God's holy goodness in your lives.  I believe joy and peace
will bloom within each of you in ways you never thought possible.  Even through the troubled times
you will experience joy.

Have A Beautiful Week!!

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