Confession: Up until 2 months ago I would always pray in my head only.  I did this, because I thought satan would hear and attempt to destroy what I was praying for.  But thank God for the TRUTH!!  I now know that the enemy has NO authority over me and my Father desires for me to pray out loud with 100% BOLDNESS.  Since learning this I have been praying BOLD prayers.  Decreeing and Declaring up and down our home, over every child of God I know! 

Learning this truth has set me free.  Learning this truth has filled me with a confidence I've never known.  I'm posting this so that if anyone has had or has the same fear I encountered you to may be set free from the enemies lies.  Our Father is stronger, wiser and BIGGER than the enemy.  He promises he'll never fail us nor abandon us.  His words are a GUARANTEE you can bank on!  Jesus himself said it best "For nothing is impossible with God."

Today I'm Grateful:

...Jesus can never tell a lie
...I can trust him above all being on earth
...I have been filled with great strength and confidence
...I don't have to fight the enemy on my own
...I no longer have to fear him
...Everyday I'm being set free in different areas of my life

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