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I love learning and what I've been learning a lot lately is I love learning about myself.  I'm seeing parts of me I never knew existed and guess what?  I love every part of it!  I never thought changing my eating habits would reveal so much to me.  When dieting in the past I can't recall ever asking God to be my guide.  This time I acknowledged that without him I would fail.  Last night hubby wanted me to share ice cream with him and at first I was furious at him, but then I realized it was the enemy using him to get at me.  I apologized and politely declined.  The enemy has no limits!  He will literally go to hell and back to get us to obey him.  I guess no one gave him the memo on me.  I guess he's not been informed that I submitted every part of me to God and no longer can he manipulate me.

I am now exercising 57 minutes 6 days a week.  I do 37 minutes in the AM and 20 minutes in the afternoon.  I feel more energetic with each new day and as I see the results I become increasingly determined to win this battle.  God created this body just for me and I WILL honor Him by honoring my body.  There is NO DENYING God's part in my weight loss and new way of living.  Weight loss is a huge battle for any being and it is 3 times harder for those of us living with physical disabilities.  So, I am very clear when I say it is all because of God that I am achieving this success.  He knows my heart and mind are all on the same page with him now.  I KNOW this will be a success, because He is leading me and I will hold on to that belief forever and a day.

Today I Am Grateful For: God's never-ending love, my family, my health, God's strength within me, joy, peace, success, love, my ability to love, His presence in my life.


  1. wonderful post! it is so inspirational for me to come here and read from you and so reinforce my own love and ever ending hopes to connect more with God

  2. I am so proud of you, you are doing amazing, the 57 minutes a day, you inspire me. I am glad you have God in your life my friend. I am excited to see you getting ahead in leaps and bounds. hugs.

  3. Do you know, just the other day, I was wondering how your weight loss journey was going. And, i loved reading this post. You made me smile. You go Girl! Blessings on you.


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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