Exercise Tips For The Disabled

My Daily Mantra: I will do what I can and God will do what I can't

The exercise in the picture is something I can not do as a person with a disability.  For years I've done these only to cause my back severe pain and give up very quickly.  A month ago a physical therapist showed me exercises I could do that would not cause my back any stress what so ever!  I thought I'd describe them as best I could for those readers who are disabled or back sufferers.  Anyone can do these and they WORK!!

Leg Exercises: For 20 minutes I do these with great intensity.  I put on a 5lb ankle weight and while sitting I run in place, do leg lifts and then I stand and do half squats.  Each day I alternate what I will start with so it does not become boring.

Tummy Crunches: I can not do tummy crunches in the traditional way, so while sitting straight in a chair I hold in my belly for 30 second while bringing the top of my body forward and the straight up again.  I do these for 20 to 30 minutes daily.  When I'm in the car I do these while hubby drives and that gives me extra exercise minutes.  I also hold in my belly during commercials for extra exercise time during my favorite TV shows.  Doing these for the past month has dropped my belly/waist down an entire pant size!!

Arm Exercises: I have a coffee mug that I filled with a glass egg that weighs 4 pounds.  I use this as my weights and lift it in increments of ten for 8 minutes.  Since I only have one arm doing it much longer becomes painful, so I stay within my limit.

I hope this helps you and will inspire many to honor their body and health!!


  1. thank you for sharing with me! you are doing a wonderful job. i am so proud of you!

  2. Thanks Tabitha, your the one that has been doing things during the commercials, I thank you. you are such an inspiration...love, love your outlook.


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