Living My Healthiest Life - Day 8

Last night I dreamt of my best friend Matthew.  I hadn't dreamt of him since he passed away 6 years ago.  It felt good to see his handsome face again and be so close to him.  I miss him terribly.

Those ugly thoughts tried to creep into my thoughts yesterday.  You know the ones; "you are doing all of this for nothing."  "It will take forever for this weight to drop."  Luckily, I noticed them and kicked them to the curb swiftly.  I think that's why Matthew appeared in my dream.  Whenever I faced an obstacle he would force me to face it head on and in my dream he did just that.  I heard Joyce Meyer say "if we do what we can God will do what we can't."  So, I use that phrase as my mantra while exercising.  I deeply believe God will most definitely guide me across the finish line.  I know that because of my disabilities I have a few more stumbling blocks, but with all my heart I know God is guiding my outcome in a positive manner.  I'm not fearing failure, because He is not of fear and as His child neither am I.

Today I Am: Enthusiastic, Hopeful, Determined, Grateful, Strong, Joyful, Loved, Loving, Peaceful, Beautiful and Weightless.


  1. So sorry for your loss. =( XOXO

  2. I truly believe those who we think are departed forever are many times sent back to help us and guide us -- your friend Matthew sounds like such a strong and wonderful person -- continue to use the strength you got from him in the dream and don't let those upsetting thoughts get you down!!! Keep on keepin' on!!!

  3. Sorry that your friend has passed on, I love dreams like that, I bet you do miss him///If we do what we can God will do what we can't. I love that and will remember that. take care, keep up the great job and staying focused. hugs.

  4. A message from God through your friend Matthew for sure.

    You keep up the good, hard work Tabitha -- you can do it! I am behind you all the way (plus you have inspired me to lace up the running shoes tomorrow morning!).


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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