Living My Healthiest Life - Day 5-7

Happy Sunday Beautiful Beings!

This is my puppy son Jasper and he's also my exercising buddy.  He's decided he needs a little exercise in his life as well, so when I am about to start he comes in and joins me.  It's so hilarious and he seems to be having a ball!  My exercise time has increased from 20 minutes to 30!  I'm so excited about that, because I did not think that would be so soon.  When I wake up in the morning my body is craving exercise.  Who knew?!

I'm noticing some trimming in my belly and my left leg (only one I have) ☺.  I actually feel smaller, but I won't weigh myself until I go to the doctor.  I decided to base my weight loss on how my clothing are fitting.  Scales just drive me crazy and they discourage me.

On a side note my hair is growing back so thick and beautiful!  Cutting it off was indeed the best decision ever!  I've decided to never allow it to grow long and I'm NEVER putting chemicals in it.  I love looking naturally me and before you know it I'll have the weight to match.  A healthy body, mind and soul coming up!

Have A Great Week Ahead!!

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  1. My hair is slowly growing back, too, Tabby -- but mine is coming in PURE GREY. Had to happen!!!

    Jasper sure is a cute "running buddy" as they say around here!


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