Living My Healthiest Life - Day 4

I woke up today feeling a bit stiff, but that won't stop me from exercising today.  In the past that would be my excuse for not exercising, but it won't work today!  Last night we went to wal-mart for a few healthy snacks.  The Nabisco 100 calorie cookie packs are awesome!  I finally found the Special K Fruit Crisps.  You get two per pack at only 100 calories, but I only ate 1 with 16 grapes and felt VERY satisfied!

I'm excited about dinner today, because we are having my favorite...Subway!!  Subway sandwiches are not only good, they are Healthy as well! I'm off to exercise and get my booty moving beautiful beings!  I pray you all have a glorious day!


  1. I do love Subways, but the price can get high around here. But then again where else can you get so many toppings, it would cost a fortune to buy that many for home use. But for us veggie lovers Subway is a special treat!!!

    I will have to check out those Crisps you are talking about!!!

  2. Your such an inspiration! your menu below sounds great and Subway for dinner? MUCH better choice than my BK onion rings! I'm feeling them now!

  3. I love Subway too! Mmmm! Have a great day Tabitha!

  4. I am impressed. I would use the stiff excuse as a perfectly solid reason not to exercise! You go girl!! Onward and upward!


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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