What Love Can Do

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Today I Am:

1. Joyful     2. Learning     3. Growing     4. Patient     5. LOVE     6. Loved     7. Beautiful     8. Calm

It's amazing what we beings will do for love.  I look back on relationships within my life and cringe at some of the people I ached to love me.  Most of these people didn't deserve to be in my life at all, yet I wanted their love so badly.  My husband and I have been through some rough storms in our thirteen years of marriage, but never did we ever have to jump through hoops for one another's love.  It just happened naturally and from day one felt as if it were meant to be.  I'll be the first to say on any given day I have wanted to ring his neck. LOL

What we are both learning in our spiritual walk with God is being in love also requires great patience.  The love I receive from Princess Charlie and my hubby are natural highs, but the love I receive from God himself is on an entirely different level.  I feel this joy that I simply can not explain, yet I know it when it arrives.  In my journey of building a relationship with God I have also fallen head over heels with myself.  Now that love is simply divine!  I've learned to love everything about me.  I love my faults just as much as I love my assets.  This brings my mental state to a brand new level.  When you love yourself you can love anyone who comes your way - even enemies.  Is it easy?  No way, but it's possible!  It's a day by day process, but LOVE can change your life.  I started by getting to know God and in doing so fell deeply in love with my Father.  Knowing He loved me no matter what made me see myself in a whole new light.  With that I was able to view others differently.  Because of love I am patient with myself, kind to myself and truly love the being I am becoming.  With each minute I am blessed to learn what love can truly do.

I pray you are blessed to know what love can truly do!


  1. i wish i could say that i love everything about myself..it's a struggle for me. working on it...you are a rock star.

  2. I'm still working on loving myself.

  3. Oh gosh, what you said about looking back and thinking about those whose love you wanted so badly -- I am blushing beet red with embarrassment at some of the ridiculous memories of what I did to try to get love from unloving, unpleasant, and downright wicked people...sheesh...I had no sense at all...very painful to grow. I'm going to mention your post to my son, to try to save him some trouble and strife in his life, if he could catch on now not to try to "earn" love from such folks, he could save himself a heap of embarrassment and lost time.

  4. I think that is the hardest thing to do, is to love yourself completely. We all work on it. I am learning to love me more, and wonder why at times I ached for the certain love of others. You are truly blessed. be well and continue your journey

  5. Tabi - that's such a great post!!! & I'm right there with you & Holly saying 'sheesh!! Why did I ever waste my precious time over . . . .??' but AT the time, jumping through those hoops seemed to be the ONLY thing to do. Blush, . . .

    You speak so well on the importance of self love! At ballet on Sat, our YOUNG teacher (26) enjoined the young ladies to appreciate the 'beauty' of mature students (me, several others) who they have the fortune to see, & study with. basically, that we've learned to shine, & be good examples - mentioned seeing someone (reality TV) that was so unpleasant & unhappy - why be like that??
    Years ago in a 'loving yourself' class, the facilitator suggested finding a photo of oneself when young, with 'the light in your eyes & a big smile' & posting it where you could smile back frequently.

    Yes! Hugs


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